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Workforce Planning Toolkit

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Documents in the Toolkit

pdf 2024 Economic Overview – This timely multi-page Schuylkill County report contains:

  • Demographic Profile
  • Employment Trends
  • Unemployment Rate
  • Wage Trends
  • Cost of Living Index
  • Industry Snapshot
  • Occupation Snapshot
  • Industry Clusters
  • Education Levels
  • Gross Domestic Product
  • Schuylkill County Regional Map
  • Region Definition
  • FAQ

pdf 2023-Q4 Industry Snapshot – This 19-page table displays data by Industry, Employment, Annual Wages, 5-year history and 1-year forecast

pdf 2023-Q4 Occupational Snapshot – This 15-page table displays data by Occupation, Annual Wages, Unemployment Rate, 5-year history and 1-year forecast

pdfSchuylkill-County-Industry-Spotlight-2023-Q4 – This 14-page report contains:

  • Spotlight Summary
  • Industry Snapshot
  • Staffing Pattern
  • Drivers of Employment Growth
  • Employment Distribution by Type
  • Establishments
  • GDP & Productivity
  • Sector Strategy Pathways
  • Postsecondary Programs Linked to Total Industries
  • Schuylkill County Regional Map
  • Data Notes
  • FAQ

pdfReal-time Intelligence Report  May 2023 – May 2024 – This 25-page Schuylkill County report contains job openings posted online in January 2024 displayed by:

  • Summary
  • Openings by Occupations
  • Openings by Locations
  • Openings by Employers
  • Openings by Certifications
  • Openings by Hard Skills
  • Openings by Soft Skills
  • Openings by Job Titles
  • Openings by Education Levels
  • Openings by Programs
  • Openings by Job Types
  • FAQ

Unemployment Rate

Workers by Industry

Cost of Living

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